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It's the most wonderful time of the year - Christmas in July! It's been quite the year, so to celebrate summer we thought we'd bring a little Christmas joy early! Starting July 19th at 10am ET through Sunday 11:59pm ET there are lots of deals to be had - some products discounted for the first time EVER! You'll also see some SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION ITEMS! So what treats are available?
Limited edition items:
We have a few super secret, special items that we're making available in limited quantities!
  • Zombie themed advent calendar: Last year we created the first ever H.A.C.K.S advent calendar filled with zombies and accessories! Equal to two carded figures, multiple deluxe accessory packs, and limited items that won't appear again, this is a ton of fun! If you missed out, 100 of these will be available in this sale so you can experience the true Christmas joy!
  • Officer Zed: If you followed our subscription boxes, you know we included a "preview figure" from Series Z wave 2 - Officer Zed! We have 100 left from the early run - so grab them while they're available before the full production run later this year.
Special discounts:
To decide what made it into the sale, we took a look at our best sellers and made sure there was something for everyone on the list! Discounts will be automatically applied in your cart. 25% off Category:
  • All Bucky O'Hare! Yes - even Bruiser and Mimi the latest additions to the crew! Bucky is a perennial favorite and we're constantly getting asked about these figures! Build your toad army, or pick up your missing pieces while they're on sale! We are even including Mimi who joined the crew earlier this year!
  • Bagged Skeleton Blanks! Build your skeleton army in advance of the new skeleton character builder kits hitting this fall. Bagged blanks include Black, Grey, Purple and even a few LAST Pink skeletons! Sure to sell out quick.
20% off Category
  • Flash Gordon 40th Anniversary Lunchbox! WHAT? We have yet to put any Hero H.A.C.K.S. into a sale, but as a fan favorite and top request item, we decided this year deserved something spectacular. Grab him quick!
  • Leonidas Lunchbox! Another top request, this is a favorite to build out your spartan army.
  • All Steeds and Tack! OMG! Some of these Steeds are getting low in quantity so build your herd before they gallop away!
15% off Category
  • All Greek Carded! These figures are constant fan favorites and some of these figures are close to sold out. If you have a hole in your collection or need to build your Gorgon army, grab them now!
  • Sam & Max! Another un-heard of item going up for sale! These fun loving scamps joined the crew end of last year and are already low in quantity! If you've been waiting, grab them now!
  • Boss Fight Swag! Jonesing from a Frankie T-shirt? Need one of the last few Boss Fight flasks? Find your favorite and take Boss Fight with you wherever you go!
There you have it, straight from the.... horses mouth! (Get it? We love puns!) You have a week to stock up - we hope you celebrate wisely!