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Dealers Choice Steed Pack

Dealers Choice Steed Pack

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*This is the Steed pack for the Dealers Choice Custom Contest running until July 5, 2021. The value of the box is more than $70. All rules and entry information for the contest are below.

**Dealers Choice Custom Contest**

We’re so excited to announce this NEW custom contest! This time around we’re leveling the playing field by asking everyone to create with the same base materials! There are TWO categories you can choose from - Figure Custom or Steed Custom. We are providing the inspiration boxes - you receive the materials, create your custom entry using the provided parts, and submit your entry by July 5th to!

Figure and Steed boxes go on sale Thursday, May 20th, at 4 pm ET on The Steed box comes with a steed and two accouterments. The Figure box comes with blanks and TONS of accessories! Everyone gets the same parts, but they are a surprise until they show up! (we promise the boxes are a HUGE value off buying the pieces all separately)

  • Your custom must be mainly the parts in the box - you don’t have to use all of them, but you can only add 10% parts from other places.
  • You can cut, glue, paint, modify the given pieces in any way you wish!
  • You can enter once per category (figure and steed)
  • To win or be posted on our social, entries must be suitable for most audiences (think PG-13 or under)

Partner judges are looking for creativity and demonstration of skill! 

First Place in each category will receive a $100 BFS gift card as well as a 3 pack of the heads from the subscription boxes!

Second Place in each category receives a 3 pack of the heads from the subscription boxes!

Third Place in each category gets to select one of the exclusive heads from the subscription boxes (Skelly Viking, Knight Head, or Fire Head)! 
Good Luck & Have Fun!

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